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Dae Dae Leblanc Coleman


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Once a high school and college cheerleader, Dae Dae was also a staff member of a professional cheer association, teaching cheer camps for three years.  She has been teaching local girls how to tumble and jump for over 25 years. She is committed to the kind of instruction required for you or your student to become "The Total Cheerleader". 

Dae Dae is a highly motivating instructor who will challenge your child to obtain physical and mental improvement in regard to their tumbling and cheer abilities. She specializes in preparing for cheer tryouts, giving tools required to achieve their goals with CONFIDENCE!   

Dae Dae also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and a Master's Degree in Psychology, she is a retired school psychologist for Calcasieu Parish School Board. 

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